How to Protect Your Concrete Driveway from Cracking

10.05.22 05:50 AM By Anand

Despite the fact that concrete is one of the solid building material, an unfavorable monsoon & unprofessional concrete foundation could result into a cracking driveway & crumbling pavement.

Let’s admit it! Only few of us give importance to the outside entrance or pavement when it comes to remodeling or building a new home. But let us tell you that concrete driveways could be one of the attractive & appealing driveways around your home to increase curb appeal, prevent soil erosion & protecting your landscaping. If your house is still lacking concrete driveway, contact Rockford concrete paving professionals for instant installation.

This isn’t….

If you have cracked driveways or potholes on the way, it could be dangerous for you, your loved and for those guests coming to your house for a dinner party! You must be wondering why my concrete paving got cracked if you have spent huge dollars in construction leveling Rockford IL?

Before we learn about how to protect your concrete driveway, concrete sidewalks, concrete patios and pool decks, Stamped Concrete, decorative Concrete and more, let’s catch out the reasons of reasons why concrete cracks;

Improper Installation:No matter how expensive remodeling companies in Rockford IL you have hired for concrete driveway construction but if it is not installed properly within 30 days, your driveway meet with cracks & crumbling.

Heavy Weight:When you plan to build a beautiful & aesthetic driveway, you will be offered multiple options such as plain concrete driveways, Stencil Concrete Driveway and Exposed Aggregate Driveways by the Rockford construction companies and every type comes with certain flexibility & durability. So it might be possible that something heavy like loaded truck or a delivery truck edge into your driveway, sidewalk that wasn't designed to withstand with such heavy lift. Consequently your concrete patio gets damage with cracks.

Weather Conditions:Weather plays a vital role in settling the concrete properly. Extreme hot or cold weather or rapidly changing atmosphere can cause severe cracking in the concrete constructions.

Unbalanced Water mixture:When your concrete contractors in Rockford put too much water in the concrete mixture, it weakens the solidness of the mixture & resulted into concrete pitting & breakage of your concrete driveway.

Shrinkage: With the passage of time, the water get evaporated from the concrete resulted into hard & crankiness.

Hopefully you have understood the reasons, now let’s move to the tips of protecting concrete from cracking;

At the time your concrete patio or driveway start showing a fine line of cracks, fill it with hydraulic cement.

Spray the water over dry concrete frequently helps maintain the moisture and does not let concrete dry up too easily. If you are looking for deck repair Rockford IL, you can hire reliable Rockford concrete contractors.

Fill the crack with professional sealant materials available at Rockford concrete.

During the winter weather, try to keep your new or old concrete constructions covered.

Trusted Rockford Concrete Contractors to Contact

Although small potholes & unnoticeable cracks can be ignore but very soon they can convert into hazardous & affect the integrity of your concrete. If you are looking for an experienced & professional concrete constructions contractor in Rockford, we are the one to get in touch for the repair services! We aim to provide affordable and painless concrete services such as sidewalk paving installation, concrete driveways installation etc